Sam Marsh

Hello! My name is Sam Marsh and I am an experienced product management leader specialising in enterprise B2B software. In the past I have worked for companies such as HPE, Cisco and Intel, and have product managed at small, medium and large companies giving me a unique insight and understanding of product management practices.

I have skills and experience as a product manager in leading software companies in establishing their overall product strategy and value proposition to the market, realigning internal teams, tools and processes and also managing the overhaul of areas including technical architectures (monolithic to microservice based), mobile apps, user interface redesign and more. I have a proven track record of successfully delivering regular releases and features to our customers and end users.

• B2B Products and services
• Software engineering using Scrum/Agile (SDLC)
• Software product management of the entire product lifecycle
• Server, network and application monitoring.
• Product design / UX – New product design and introduction to the market
• Product strategy
• Roadmaps
• Market analysis
• Linux / Open Source – Experience of running Linux servers and open source software (such as ownCloud, etc) at work and at home for 10+ years
• Microservices

Outside of work, my life revolves around my young family, technology, sports, and food and drink. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know about my love of growing and cooking good food!

I run two servers at home, one running my NAS and the other running VMware ESX 6.7U2 (currently) hosting my domain controllers, web servers, nextCloud, ELK Stack ({File/Packet/Metric}beats), and various other VMs – all tightly integrated into a nice, clean lab. I used to regularly blog about my exploits, generally around one of my true loves, Linux, and the headaches it caused me – although it has been harder and harder to squeeze in the write-up recently.

For more information or to get in contact, please click on the LinkedIn button above, or via the Contact page.