Perl Nagios plugins on Ubuntu 15.04 – Segmentation fault error

Recently, I upgraded my home server to run Ubuntu 15.04 from the previous 14.04 LTS version. The upgrade (via 14.10) was a breeze, aside from the pain in the arse of systemd and having to fix things like plexmediaserver which were no longer running – ugh.

One problem I did encounter was that none of my Perl-based nagios plugins were running anymore – giving me an ‘nrpe unable to read output’ from within the Opsview GUI.  After running the plugins locally, we could see the following error:

To investigate, I set the core file size to unlimited, ran the script again and then ran the core file through gdb as below:

Here we can see that the Params:Validate perl module is the culprit, presumably as its not compatible with the new 5.20 Perl version. To fix this, I simply removed the old Params:Validate module and installed a new one (5.20 version) via apt:

Now we can test the plugins, and voila – they work:

Happy monitoring!

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